Actions for our kids (crowd funding)

We are separated parents who struggle to have access to our children, together we bring solution to their suffering.

We are constituting a collective fund for the alienated parents... The management of this fund is collectively done via [Loomio], so you will always knows how the funds are used.

But also if you are the one who need our support you can directly ask for help on our Loomio board, or make any other proposal that might help the group.

togetherness This month of December, we are engage to give reunification time to separated children such that they have access to the parents the miss.

1CHF == 1 minute of joy for these kids and the "other" parent.

donations can be made via paypal at;
with the help of coeur a coeur

Thank you so much.

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we also promote "parallel parenting" for the "impossible" custody battle.

we have a fund raiser (fr) about parental alienation ( fr )